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F1 2021 Topps TURBO ATTAX FULL box

24 packs per box (240 cards)

10 Turbo Attax cards per packet


BOX HITS (on ave)

Limited Edition cards (1:22 packets)


F1 Turbo Attax 2021 showcases the most exciting season in motorsport in years with all the drivers, teams, live action (2020 season) and F2 racers brought together in this amazing new collection.

Collect all 254 cards - look out for parallels of F1 Rookies and 7-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton and find Limited Edition cards 1:22 packets

Categories include Race Superstars, Fan Favourites, F1 Awards cards, Gold Supreme Skill cards plus the F1 Rookies of 2021.



送料無料 F1 2021 TOPPS Turbo Attax FULL box #F1 #Formula1 #TOPPS #トップス

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