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2022年4月発売予定 販売予価¥14000前後(為替の影響により変更あり)


2021 Upper Deck Marvel SPIDERMAN Into the Spider-Verse box HOBBY

16bxs/15 packs/7 cards *2x 8ct inners


BOX HITS (on ave)

  • (5) Sticker Cards - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
  • (4) My Story Rainbow Foilboard Cards
  • (3) Spider P.I Parallels
  • (1) Dimensions Collide Lenticular


2022 Upper Deck Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

  • Exciting 90-Card Base Set and Parallels
    • Base Set cards highlight scenes from the film!
  • In the Vault- Letterman, Character, and Mask Patch Cards
  • Original Art Sketch Cards
  • Talent Autograph Cards- Single, Dual, and Triple versions!
  • HOBBY EXCLUSIVE “Everything’s Relative and “AMAZING” Stickers!
  • Search for Dimensions Collide Lenticular Cards inspired by glitches in the movie!
  • Look for Color Collide Lenticular Parallels!

2021 Upper Deck UD Marvel SPIDERMAN Into the Spider-Verse box #マーベル #スケッチカード